A healthy man is the one who has the sound mind and sound body. Different people get their mind calm and peaceful by different ways, some do meditation while other likes to visit natural places. However, to get a sound or healthy body, everybody needs to do exercise. The kind of exercise may vary from morning walk to running on a treadmill. Sometimes people feel lazy and do not want to leave their house for exercise so they prefer doing it at home. There are many gym equipments which can be used at home but treadmill has proved to the most used one. In this article, we will be discussing everything about treadmill and treadmill repairs Brisbane North.


Treadmill is the exercising equipment for walking or running in a place. Its concept was originated from the tread wheel, which was used to grind grain by human or animal power. In tread wheel, a person or animal had to move in circles which in turn moved wheel and grinded grain into powder form. This concept of tread wheel was then modified and treadmill was formulated. This treadmill machine works by electric motor which moves the conveyer belt on which the person runs.

Types of treadmill:

Treadmill is highly popular exercising machine and is divided into various types. There is a manual treadmill which is composed of belt and rollers. In this type of treadmill, a person has to move the belt by his own effort. Then there is motorized treadmill, this treadmill allows the person to set his speed of an exercise. Besides that, there is folding treadmill. This treadmill is best for homes as it can be folded away once it has been used and does not occupy much space. Other than these, there are commercial treadmills. Such treadmills are run by high powered motor, motorized incline and an interactive computer. Their belt is solid and cushioned at the same time.

Benefits of treadmill:

There are many benefits of exercising on treadmill. The most important benefit is that it improves fitness by burning calories and resulting in the loss of fats. Moreover, treadmills can go easier in your knees as there is a system installed which works as a shock absorbent. Besides that, the main benefit of treadmill is that a person can do exercise while being at home so extreme weather conditions will not affect your exercise routine. Even though treadmill is quite useful exercising machine yet it can get damaged or broken due to various reasons. To repair it or to get it fixed various companies are there.


Treadmill is one of the most used exercising machines which have many benefits. It makes a person fit and helps him in burning his calories. Treadmill is further divided into various types. However, treadmill can also get damaged or broken like any other object and needs to be repaired. There is a company named QFIT Services who offers the best services to repair your treadmill.

All About Treadmill And Treadmill Repairs