Did you know that despite being gym regulars many people tend to make some very common mistakes when they get ready to go to the gym? These mistakes can have an actual impact on the quality of your workout for that session and therefore, the results that you get out of it. Here are some of the most common mistakes that the majority of us make when we are about to hit the gym.ladies gym attire 

Wearing makeup 

There are some women who will wear a lot of makeup to the gym. There is nothing bad about wanting to wear some makeup to your workout, but how much is too much? If you look at it rationally, the gym is a place where you go to sweat it out as much as possible. For that purpose your skin needs to be clear of any barrier that may obstruct it from perspiring. Wearing layers of foundation and other cosmetic products will effectively seal off your skin hindering the breathing process of your skin. Plus, at the end of your workout, you might feel really uncomfortable because the makeup would look like a proper mess. Wear as less makeup as possible to the gym. If possible go with clean skin and no products on. 

Clothing that looks good but doesn’t work well 

There could be some items of clothing that will not work well for you in terms of the workout even though you look good in it. For example sports crop tops which are also quite baggy might not be the best idea of clothing for a heavy lifting session. You will feel better wearing something that is form fitting to give your muscles that extra boost. The same rule applies to men too, clothing needs to be picked not just for the way it looks on you in the mirror, it needs to reflect the type of workout that you will engage in.  

Choosing the wrong shoes 

There have been many different types of workouts that have been introduced lately. Some of them like dance fitness or Zumba will require you to wear shoes that support lateral movements. A high intense kickboxing or physical fitness session will need you to have shoes that give you good support during jumps, lifts and have a really strong grip for activities like planks and wall sits. The biggest mistake that most of us make is wearing the same pair of shoes for every single workout routine that we take part in. this can actually be bad for your ankles and knees and even increase the chance of injury and accident.  

Going in looking like you just woke up 

While getting overly dolled up is not encouraged neither is going in like you just woke up. There are great selections for best women’s workout shorts that you can choose from which feel very light and comfortable without you wearing your pajama shorts to the gym. If you go in looking like you don’t care, chances of you really enjoying the workout are low. Wear comfortable but also wear well.  



Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Ready To Hit The Gym 

Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Ready To Hit The Gym